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Oracle 11g New Features for Administrators

The new Oracle 11g New Features exam is available in beta:, open till December, 15th. The first opportunity to earn the 11g OCP credential...By the way, the full 11g OCP track is announced too, and it looks similiar to the 10g track - 1 exam for OCA, 1 exam and hans-on course for OCP. OCM is promised too, but no date is given.

64-bit Linux and SGA size

Everyday, I learn something new. Or maybe I just learn again something I forgot in the meantime...

A year ago or so, I was reading throught the problems you must face when crossing the 4GB memory size. One of the question asked was: 32-bit or 64-bit? After reading the things needed to make it work on 32-bit (you must use indirect buffers, for example, thus you loose automatic SGA tuning), the answer was simple - 64-bit.

Not long before, I was asked what has to be done to use 16GB SGA on 64-bit (EM64T) Linux. Well, it's much simpler then on the 32-bit, and simple sga_target=16g will basically work.

The catch is in the word basically - the database will work, but the Linux kernel (kswapd) will have a hard time managing all the memory. Thus, you need to use huge pages (same was for 32-bit, by the way) to get optimal performance.

I'm just getting an impression, that the DBA has to know more and more about things outside the database - in this case, of OS. With ASM, about the NAS/SAN. …